Stingy in Providing Educational Award in Children

By May 29, 2016Totok Corner

Director of Family Education Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) Sukiman said this during school stingy in giving awards to children.

“During this school stingy in giving awards to children. For example, being elected as chairman of the classroom, teachers should send a short message or SMS to parents congratulating them on the old man,” said Sukiman in a discussion in Jakarta on Thursday (26/5 ).

In fact, during this school only interact with the parents when the increase in class or division report. Moreover, almost no interaction at all.

Likewise, when children get good grades in school, teachers also should notify the child’s parents about the achievement. “For example, congratulations, your son is unanimously elected as class president or surviving child’s mother to get a score of 100,” he said.

According to him, there should be changes to it. Schools must establish interaction with parents, as well as parents need not just take off just at school.

Sukiman explains not all parents are directly involved in the education of their children in school. Today almost all school matters resolved mother.

Ideally as a family, both mothers and fathers should share the role. Both parents need to be more active in seeking out about their children’s school, not just a report card results. “Parents should not just take the kids to school, but there needs to be a discussion with the teacher,” he said.

Meanwhile, senior adviser ACDP Indonesia, Totok Soefijanto Amin, said that one of the values taught in family life is integrity and honesty.

“Supposedly, the planting of the values of honesty had been completed in the realm of the family before a child starts school. The reality is not so,” said Totok. For that, go Totok, the need for good interaction between teachers and parents.

Source : Republika Online

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