ONE Indonesia

The future of ALL nations depends largely on their human capital. Indonesia is entering the demographic dividend era, predicted to peak in 2028-2031. As such, the quality and capability of Indonesia’s human resources would determine this country’s place in the world’s stage. To become a global leader, Indonesia needs a highly capable, productive, and competent workforce, which could only emerge from a high quality national education system.

A lot has been said about how to improve Indonesia’s education system. Various stakeholders including the government, institutions, non-profit organizations, and the private sectors have invested substantial amount of funds, time, and efforts in various endeavors to solve many of the so-called problems in Indonesia’s education system. However, such efforts are often uncoordinated; and many stakeholders do not collaborate among themselves.

ONE exists as a platform of collaboration and cooperation among various stakeholders aiming to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. ONE is a digital resource center providing data, information, references, and ways to collaborate among various stakeholders.

Working as ONE, there could be a lot more to be accomplished in a much shorter time. Working as ONE, resources could be allocated in a more efficient and effective way. Working as ONE, we should be able to build a workforce to be reckoned with so Indonesia could establish itself as a global leader.