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The ONE Indonesia family comprises a group of committed, highly motivated people determined to see Indonesia as the global leader of the future. Through ONE Indonesia, we would like to invite all Indonesians to join in the movement to push Indonesia to achieve its highest potential. The ONE team is a diverse group of people that celebrate diversity and rejoice in each others idiosyncrasies. We are dreamers, doers, movers, and shakers. Above all, we are ONE in heart and mind for a better, brighter Indonesia.

Irene Umar


Irene Umar - Director


Graduated from President University in Cikarang, Irene embarked in a full time career in banking, which brought her to UAE, India, and Singapore. Upon her return to Indonesia, she has started her own business. As an entrepreneur, one of her greatest challenges is the quality of human capital. With ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) fast becoming an everyday reality, she is extremely concerned about the ability of Indonesian workforce to compete. Through ONE, she would like to reach out to all concerned parties to cooperate and to collaborate so that Indonesia’s education goals could be accomplished and Indonesians would be ready for the increasingly competitive world.

Arifa Tan


Arifa Tan - Technology Advisor

(Technology Advisor)

Graduated from Binus University in Jakarta, Arifa has led her team to be an internationally respected name in IT consulting. Her lifelong passion, however, lies in education and its role in determining the future of her beloved nation, Indonesia. This passion has inspired her to pursue a Masters degree in Education and to head the education division of a local non-profit organization. She fully intends to apply her considerable expertise and knowledge to establish ONE as the foremost digital education platform in Indonesia.

Sri Irianti


Ir. Sri Irianti, MM - Advisor


She is an avid professional in finance, operational and resources management. Her formal academic training includes agrobusiness, management, finance & control, and Islamic finance from IPB, PPM Institute, Harvard Extension School, and Paramadina University. In Indonesia, she has worked extensively in finance, with working experience in private bank, business start-ups, world science Olympiad organization, private higher education, and political campaign. In addition, she has working experience in a Buddhist publishing company in Boston, USA. She puts integrity, meritocracy, professionalism, and respect to diversity as her most important values. Through ONE, she wishes to realize her dream to have all Indonesian children in all corners of Indonesia receive high quality education.

Rosalyna Wijaya


Rosalyna Wijaya - Partnership Development

(Partnership Development)

Graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Lyna has found her passion in education upon her return to Indonesia. She believes that education is what would make or break a nation, and only through quality education, a country could prosper. An avid, lifelong reader, Lyna has recently started her own business, focusing in creative education and love of reading. She believes in the value of sharing and giving, sincerity, integrity, and that helping others would pave the road to success. She hopes to reach out to as many people as possible to work together through ONE to improve the quality of Indonesians education system.

Brenda Regina Hansen


Brenda Regina Hansen - Digital Marketing and Partnership

(Digital Marketing)

Graduated from the Faculty of Hotel Management of Binus Univesity. Brenda currently works in an IT consulting company. That focus on Customer Experience. Have a heart to serve Indonesia for education

Ricka Kartika Barus, SH, CCDC


Ricka Kartika Barus - Legal Advisor

(Legal Advisor)

Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Pelita Harapan University, Ricka has worked for several law firms in Jakarta before establishing HRP Law Firm, in which she is a founding partner. Ricka is a member of the Indonesian Advocates Association and is licensed as an Advocate and Certified Career Direct Consultant from Knoxville, TN Texas 2012. She specializes in labor law, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and banking law, project finance, and investment. Her academic training includes a visiting Short Course of Labour Law at the University of Manchester UK. She puts integrity, discipline, professionalism, and respect to diversity as her most important values. Through ONE, she hopes to help improve the quality of education for all Indonesians.

Kris Touw


Kris Touw - Media Relation

(Media Relation)

Graduated from Parahyangan University, Kris is a proud mom, writer, traveler, and entrepreneur. Her lifelong love of books and reading has inspired her to run an online book-lending business. She has also recently started a new venture focusing in creative education to create fun, interactive media for parents and children. Through ONE, Kris would like to generate more awareness and interest in the importance of high quality education for all. She believes collaboration, cooperation, and coordination will generate highly impactful education projects and programs.